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Wed, Jul. 6th, 2005, 08:46 pm
thecomicissmrt: Hobolgy

lavalinz [8:29 PM]: man i cant believe everyone knows their majors
Starr rulz [8:29 PM]: i picked mine today
Starr rulz [8:29 PM]: i'll pick one for you
Starr rulz [8:29 PM]: farming and agriculture
Starr rulz [8:30 PM]: lol jk
Starr rulz [8:30 PM]: how about janitorial bio-hazardous engineering
lavalinz [8:30 PM]: yesssssssss
Starr rulz [8:30 PM]: that sounds official
Starr rulz [8:30 PM]: you probably would get to work with urinal cakes
lavalinz [8:30 PM]: that sounds exciting!
Starr rulz [8:30 PM]: :D
Starr rulz [8:30 PM]: and the puke gathering formula they use in schools
Starr rulz [8:32 PM]: or waste management receptacle engineer, you can ride on the back of a truck
lavalinz [8:32 PM]: and if im lucky i might even get to work at glenelg!
lavalinz [8:33 PM]: hahahahahahha
Starr rulz [8:33 PM]: there's also: hobo economics, tv/vcr repair, book keeping, hoboligist
Starr rulz [8:34 PM]: there's even crazy-woman-with-many-cats phd program
lavalinz [8:34 PM]: oh i dont know that seems like a lot of work
Starr rulz [8:35 PM]: and many cats
lavalinz [8:35 PM]: i kind of like the sound of hoboligist thought
Starr rulz [8:35 PM]: lol
lavalinz [8:35 PM]: though
Starr rulz [8:36 PM]: of course, you would need prerequisite courses in hobo psychology 100, the history of hobos 209, living in a box 101, feeding a family of 12 out of one can 204, trash can economics 103, putting your whole life in a satchel 200, rolling in a shopping cart 302, and scaring the normies 105
Starr rulz [8:38 PM]: i recommend the book: Sleeping in the streets, rain , and in broken glass: your guide to becomming a hobo
lavalinz [8:38 PM]: hahahahahhahahahhahahah
Starr rulz [8:38 PM]: you could intern with a crazy man living in an abandoned boxcar. he can teach you how to eat beans out of a can
Starr rulz [8:39 PM]: the right way
Starr rulz [8:39 PM]: ba ha, what if that were real
Starr rulz [8:39 PM]: i'd take that class
Starr rulz [8:40 PM]: hobolgy
lavalinz [8:40 PM]: ha dude me too!
Starr rulz [8:41 PM]: and it shall be so
Starr rulz [8:41 PM]: if anyone asks you your major, just say hobolgy
lavalinz [8:42 PM]: hey if "the magical world of fungi" is a class then anything is possible
Starr rulz [8:42 PM]: lol

Thu, Jul. 7th, 2005 04:20 am (UTC)

Ahh riding on the back of the garbage truck, so alluring.

Hoboligist, truly a fine profession

Fri, Jul. 8th, 2005 05:38 am (UTC)

We can tell everyone at the Hobo conference about our ambitions to be hoboligists! I bet we'd learn a lot there and maybe even get extra credit for it.